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Registration Authority Agreement

Opublikowano 26.09.2023

A registration authority agreement or RAA is an essential aspect of domain name registration, and it is important for businesses and individuals to understand what it entails to ensure their domain names are secured. An RAA is a legal agreement between domain registrars and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

ICANN is a non-profit organization responsible for managing the domain name system (DNS) and ensuring that domain names are registered and managed correctly. The organization has established a set of policies and procedures that registrars must follow to participate in the DNS.

A registration authority agreement outlines the terms and conditions that registrars must abide by to comply with ICANN regulations. The agreement also includes guidelines for how registrars should register, transfer, and manage domain names.

One of the significant aspects of the RAA is the provision for WHOIS data. WHOIS is a database that contains information about registered domain names, including the name and contact details of the registrant, administrative and technical contacts, and the date of registration and expiration. The RAA requires all registrars to collect and maintain accurate WHOIS data for all domain names they register.

Registrars must also act quickly to suspend or cancel domain names that violate ICANN policies, including those involved in illegal activities, such as phishing, spamming, and copyright infringement. The RAA provides guidelines on how registrars should handle these types of infractions.

Another essential provision of the RAA is the requirement for registrars to provide domain name owners with access to the domain name`s control panel. The control panel allows the registrant to manage and update various aspects of their domain name, including DNS records, contact information, and website hosting.

In conclusion, a registration authority agreement is a crucial aspect of domain name registration and management. It provides a framework for how registrars should register and manage domain names and ensures that they comply with ICANN regulations. As a business or individual seeking to register a domain name, it is essential to choose a registrar that adheres to the provisions of the RAA to guarantee the security and stability of your website.